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With over 25 #1 radio singles and multiple Grammy nominations over the past 11 years as an artist, producer and mixing engineer, Darren Rahn has become urban jazz’s premiere sonic architect, the “go-to” guy for established genre greats and up and comers looking for their next sure-fire hit. Yet in signing with Woodward Avenue Records and recording his fifth album, the British Columbia born, Denver based saxophonist – who launched his solo career with Soulful in 2004 - is after something more meaningful than a few more instantly infectious smashes. The multi-talented performer’s desire to launch his second decade as an innovative powerhouse by creating music in his truest voice, straight from the heart, is perfectly in line with the label’s unique mission: to let artists make music authentic to themselves, beyond the trappings of formulas and strictly commercial considerations.

Rahn’s lifelong affinity for woodwinds started as a kid with the clarinet before he taught himself baritone sax to join his junior high jazz band. He has infused his previous four albums – including Once in a Lifetime (2005), Talk of the Town (2009) and Speechless (2012) – with a mix of tenor, alto and soprano. On the new album, he believes that the best way to display the purest representation of his artistry is to focus strictly on the tenor. “I’ve matured to the point on my musical journey where I believe it’s time to really make that choice,” he says. “I’ll still play alto, soprano and baritone, but the horn that shows my heart and my core as a musician, and that I wanted to showcase on this album, is the tenor.”

Another unique element is the decision to go with all live drums, as opposed to his previous trademark mix of live and computer generated grooves, in addition to instruments like the Hammond B-3 organ and Bosendorfer piano. Because the project is about much more than simply creating ten new potential singles for radio, he is also composing some longer tunes, and ones that explore his equal passions for pop, rock and R&B/funk – as well as his lifelong affinity for the gospel music he grew up playing. Rahn’s desire to keep things as organic and raw as possible has lead to a bona fide, expansive jazz fusion track on the new album.

“The new album will be my most honest and heartfelt to date, with real musicians and an overall live performance feel,” he says. “I’ll have some of the flare and style people are used to from me, but I’m not looking to conform to the genre but instead draw from those funk, jazz fusion and gospel roots as well. This record is really going to showcase my ‘voice’ as an artist more than I’ve done previously, as well as show more versatility. I’m working to make it my best engineering and production to date, but the essence is being built around the saxophone, completely reflective of the blessed place I am in my life.”

Six years after the untimely passing of his close friend, contemporary jazz bass great Wayman Tisdale, Rahn is paying homage to him via the ballad “Losing You.” Rahn explains, “It was a song I could have recorded earlier, but I didn’t feel ready until now. It’s designed to pay homage to a great musician and wonderful friend while also bringing me personal resolution. For fans, his loss was tremendous, but for those of us who were closest to Wayman, his loss was more impactful than anyone could imagine. This tune was my way of saying I’m now at peace with his loss as much as I can be.”

Rahn, who launched his career producing, engineering and mixing for local Denver area artists starting in the late 90s, began working with Tisdale after Rendezvous Music, an independent label co-owned by Dave Koz, showed interest in signing him. While the label couldn’t commit to adding Rahn to their roster, they were so impressed with his production that they offered to have helm a track for Tisdale, one of their top artists. In 2004, just as his own solo career was gaining steam, Rahn produced the bassist’s hit cover of “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now”; it was in the pole position on the airplay charts for four weeks and stayed in the Top 10 for nearly eight months. His subsequent production work on Tisdale’s Way Up! project resulted in a #1 Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album. He has garnered Grammy nominations for his work as a producer, composer, mix engineer, and session musician for other artists including two Grammy nominated Dave Koz projects: Hello Tomorrow and Summer Horns.

Rahn’s dual paths as an artist and producer reached a unique pinnacle in 2008-2009, when his own single “Talk of the Town” hit #1 on the Billboard jazz chart (followed by the Top 5 track “What Cha Gonna Do For Me”) and he scored three consecutive #1 productions (14 weeks in all) on the Radio & Records smooth jazz chart, holding the top position with Koz, Eric Darius and Tim Bowman. During this time, Rahn held the top three chart positions for several weeks and had as many as four songs in the Top Ten at the same time. Over the years, as his detail-oriented sonic excellence led to more and more hit recordings, his resume has grown to include everyone from Toby Keith, Jonathan Butler and Najee to Bob James, Kirk Whalum, Jeffrey Osborne, Phil Perry, Jeff Lorber, Norman Brown, Jonathan Fritzen, Scott Allman, Julian Vaughn, Nick Colionne, Lebron, Dave Bradshaw, Jr., Patrick Lamb, Ryan Montano and many others.

Growing up on a farm in in a small British Columbia mountain town and later in San Diego, Rahn’s formative musical experiences – and the foundation of his later passion for jazz and other genres – came from playing gospel music. In addition to performing at his home churches, he toured around with his parents’ singing group. Throughout his journey, he played everything from traditional hymns to mainstream Southern gospel tunes. After playing jazz in both junior high and high school, he studied music as an undergraduate at Adams State University, then earned his master’s and part of his Doctorate at the University of Northern Colorado in classical saxophone and jazz pedagogy. Settling in Denver, Rahn by 1997 was self-employed as a freelance producer, writing his own material on the side as he worked towards his eventual emergence as a solo artist.

“Working on the new album, I’ve really been enjoying the variety of music that draws from all of these musical roots,” he says. “It was especially fun and effortless recording the gospel tune because that was such a huge part of my background. Because of the freedom I have to explore as an artist with Woodward Avenue Records, I also appreciate the opportunity to approach the compositions more from a melodic sense. I am building all of the songs around melodies I compose at the piano, as opposed to starting with big production ideas and working the tunes around those. I’m really excited about this special project and the start of this new phase of my solo career.”

We are excited to announce several new tour dates for Darren.  Darren is scheduled to release his new album after the New Year. In anticipation of his release, he will be performing and conducting master classes around the globe.  Upcoming tour dates include August 7th in Denver, CO with Gerald Albright & Tim Bowman, September 12th in Atlanta, GA with Tim Bowman and an Asia tour (courtesy of P.Mauriat) that will include Taipei, Taiwan, Bangkok, Thailand with an anticipated stop in Seoul, Korea.  More dates and details are being added to the Gigs Calendar, so be sure to check regularly for updates.


New Management for Darren Rahn

DENVER, CO - January 26, 2015 - Darren Rahn is happy to announce Priscilla Shaw as his personal and artist manager.

Priscilla has an artistic vision that will balance connecting Darren with his clients while freeing him to spend more time creating new music for clients and fans. Her many years of experience planning concert events and booking world class talent are great assets that will be an excellent match for Darren's career.

For concert/festival bookings, production inquiries, recording inquires, mixing and mastering inquiries, as well interviews and publicity, please contact Priscilla Shaw at

Woodward Avenue Records is thrilled to announce that we have signed saxophonist Darren Rahn to the label and look forward to an amazing new album and a very successful long term relationship. Darren is one of the most talented musicians and producers on the planet, but more importantly, he is rich in professionalism and character. It is truly an honor to have Darren become a part of our Woodward Avenue Records family and even better to know him as a friend. (
A note from Darren: "I'm super excited to announce that I have just signed with Woodward Avenue Records! I am so looking forward to working with Mark Nordman whose track record, character and professionalism are absolutely top notch. Stay tuned for upcoming news regarding new music from me on Woodward Avenue Records!!!!"

Darren's new radio single "One Step Ahead" from his album "Speechless" goes to radio this week. You can also preview it on the welcome page at Here's what Darren has to say about the new radio single, "I'm so excited to share this new song with everyone. It shows a different side of me with a distinct Latin-Funk  flare to it. There are blazin' live musicians all over this track - special thanks to each of them - these guys put some serious heat on this tune!!! It features Mel Brown on Bass, Frank Selman on Guitar, Anthony Jones on Drums, and my twin brother Jason Rahn on Trumpet.  I also wanna give a very special thanks to Les Cutmore and Jeff  Lunt at Trippin' N' Rhythm Records for the continued hard work and love!!!" You can look out for "One Step Ahead" on terrestrial and internet radio worldwide starting this week. Feel free to call or email your favorite station and request it!

We're excited to announce the release of Darren's new radio single "INTO THE LIGHT" from his new album "Speechless" on Trippin' N' Rhythm Records. Feel free to call your local smooth jazz station to request it!

Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Darren Rahn releases his Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Debut “Speechless”

The long wait is over and after making his segue to Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm, the stage is set for the release of this, his third and most revealing record to date.

Having firmly established himself as a first call producer, mixing up #1 hits for Dave Koz, Tim Bowman and his longtime friend and collaborator, the late great Wayman Tisdale, Darren Rahn puts it all out on full display, proving that beyond being a serious producer, he is equally adept at songwriting and proves again that his saxophone chops rank with the best in the business.

A master at melody, Rahn is also a true craftsman when it comes to creating strong hooks, and they are both on full display with the lead single “Magnetic”, an apropos title for a song with a pull so strong that it sticks to you and you’ll not soon get it off.

Rahn brings some of his closest friends along for the ride with cameo appearances from Dave Koz, Paul Brown, Najee, and Nate Harasim. The album also features two very special vocal tracks, the title track “Speechless” highlighted by the breathtaking voice of Maxine Hardcastle and he also welcomes the exciting and dynamic new vocal sensation Joshua on the track “Magical”, which is truly that and is destined to become a pop smash.

From cover to cover “Speechless” never lets up and never lets down and while it will leave you wordless upon listening, you’ll soon find yourself anxiously spreading the word. Rahn’s latest ranks as one of the finest recordings to grace the genre and will force his peers to have to reach way up.

In Stores March 27th


We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Darren's new album. WIth a radio single ready to drop in January and the album set for release in March, things have been very busy in the studio! Details and exact dates for his Trippin' N' Rhythm Records debut will be coming soon. We'll keep you posted!!!

Starting July 2011, Darren & fellow artist/guitarist/producer and hit-making phenomenon Paul Brown join forces live as "THE PRODUCERS". This all new live show will feature a variety of Darren & Paul's greatest hits as artists in their own right and as producers. If you are interested in booking "THE PRODUCERS", send an email to the booking link at the bottom of this website.

Join Darren May 28th in Ft. Worth, Texas for the U.E. Inc Community Founded Community Grounded Launch Party for United Entertainment - It's gonna be a killer show! And it's free and open to the public. Donations are appreciated though - please come support this great organization! Check the Tour Dates page for more details.